It sure makes a difference when you
love what you're doing...
Just ask Wes Wheeler of Shelbyville, Steve
of Stewardson, and Bill Moore of
Cooks Mills - aka
Battle Creek Country. They
LIVE to get together every weekend and play
music for whoever will listen. On their priority
list, right behind
God, Family & Country -
comes playing
Country Music. They have
been blessed with a gift of music - a gift that
they love to share with folks from all walks of
life. Just watch them on stage for a little while
and you'll see them grinning at each other
while they perform - as if they are getting
away with something. And as much fun as
they have, it ought to be against the law! After
31 years of traveling around and
performing for folks in Central Illinois and
beyond, they have learned a thing or two
about entertaining people. They understand
what people like to hear, what they like to
dance to, and most importantly, they know
how to treat people.

 The people who follow the
Battle Creek Band
around are not just fans - they are
They are folks who have developed
friendships with each other through their bond
with the
Battle Creek Band and the music that
they perform. They offer prayers to the band
for travel mercies as they wear out the roads
from show to show, and pray for each other's
health concerns and safety. They are "family".

 Although most of the music that
Battle Creek
performs may be considered "Retro", people
appreciate the fact that the band delivers the
Good Stuff" with a new energy that brings
life to Classic Tunes. And
Battle Creek is not
satisfied to drag out the same old songs from
week to week and rehash tired old
performances. They are driven to constantly
add new material to their massive arsenal of
songs - sometimes piling on 50-75 'new'
songs each year.

Variety is the spice of life. So when a
stranger walks in to a
Battle Creek show, they
may be surprised to hear
The Beatles,
Creedence Clearwater Revival and Elvis

sandwiched in between some
Johnny Cash,
Merle Haggard, Buck Owens & Waylon
. Battle Creek is first and foremost a
"Country" band, but they enjoy performing
and have been influenced by music from
many genres. Nobody blends
Country, Rock
n' Roll, Gospel & Comedy
like Battle Creek.
The Grand Ole Opry, a Sock Hop, Hee Haw
& Sunday Morning
- all rolled into one. There's
something for just about everybody - within
reason. Although you may not hear any Hip
Hop, Heavy Metal, or Rap - well ... You're

 Performing at
Family-Friendly venues has
been a great blessing for the group. Deciding
to largely shy away from bars and clubs,
Battle Creek has developed a reputation as a
great "
Festival" band, especially with their
variety of high-quality music selection. Their
performances are a perennial favorite at the
World Famous
Great Pumpkin Patch near
Arthur, IL. Who do you call when you know
that you will have an audience of all ages,
from all backgrounds? Well, let's just say that
Battle Creek will be performing 5 times this
Fall at The Great Pumpkin Patch - as well as
community festivals and
. It is very telling when young
families with small children hang around to
hear the music and the Senior Citizens stay
until the last song instead of leaving early.

 A few years ago,
Battle Creek took the
initiative to start 'renting' community buildings
in the area to hold public dances. This
accomplished multiple purposes. First,
needed a place to perform during the
winter months. Second, folks who like
Country Music & dancing, but didn't like the
environment of the bars, could still enjoy
music in a Family-Friendly atmosphere. The
resourceful band started selling advertising
space on their website and schedules to help
cover their expenses beyond the generous
donations that followers gave at each
performance. That's a "Win - Win".
 What have they learned after
30 years? Play
requested songs when you can (IF you know
the song); Don't take yourself too seriously
(or nobody else will); Keep extra cords and
guitar strings handy; Watch your audience -
They will let you know what you need to do. If
they look bored - speed it up. If they look tired
- slow it down. If they are folding up their lawn
chairs and leaving - look at the clouds behind
 So when
Battle Creek says that nobody else
goes to so much trouble to provide you with
the biggest variety of high-quality musical
, they mean it. They have bent
over backwards
, sacrificed (just ask their
), researched, practiced, worked hard,
endured adversity to get to where they
are today :
Thankful for the opportunity to do
something they enjoy so much;
Grateful that
they have the ability to travel and perform
music that they love; and
Humbled that folks
will take time out of their weekend and spend
their hard earned money to come listen and
dance to a bunch of
Hillbilly Musicians.
With Battle Creek - it's all about keeping people
entertained with high-quality music. Our resume of
satisfied customers tells the whole story. Just look at
some of the folks who have trusted Battle Creek -
year after year - to entertain their audiences.
2011 & 2013 Farm Progress Show (Decatur, IL)
Amishland (Tuscola, IL) * Rockome Gardens (Arcola, IL)
Arcola Broomcorn Festival   *   Toledo Spring Festival
Coles Co. Fair (Charleston, IL) * Brocton Springfest
Arthur Cheese Festival   *   Atwood Apple Dumpling Festival
Bethany Celebration   *   Casey Popcorn Festival
Chrisman Days   *   American Farm Heritage Museum (Greenville, IL)
Cowden Pioneer Days   *   Findlay Walleye Festival
E. Central IL Antique Fm Mach. Show (Charleston,IL)
Flat Rock Homecoming   *   Herrick 4th of July Celebration
Tuscola Sparks In The Park   *   Villa Grove Ag Days
Danville Moose * Olney VFW * Pla-Mor Danceland (Pana)
Hardy's Reindeer Ranch (Rantoul, IL)   *   Ramsey Daze
Historic Farm Days (Penfield,IL)   *   Moultrie-Douglas Fair (Arthur, IL)
Lake Mattoon Watersport Festival   *   Shelby County Fair
Lake Shelbyville 4th of July Celebration * Ashmore Ag Days
Boot City Opry (Terre Haute, IN)  *  Corner Dance Hall (Whittington, IL)
Morrisonville Picnic   *   Shelbyville Chautauqua Days
Moweaqua Pow Wow Days   *   Stewardson Homecoming
Wayne City Little Opry * Paris VFW * Champaign Eagles
Robinson Summerfest   *   Palestine Labor Day Parade
Piatt Co. Fair (Cerro Gordo)   *   Shumway Fall Festival
Heritage Days (Martinsville) * Strawberry Jam (Arthur, IL)
Shelbyville Scarecrow Daze   *   Tower Hill Fall Festival
Central States Thresherman's Reunion (Pontiac, IL)
'03,'05,'07,'09,'11,'13,'15 Half Century of Progress Show (Rantoul, IL)
Walnut Point State Park (Oakland, IL) * Kincaid Labor Day Picnic
Westfield Homecoming   *   Windsor Harvest Picnic
BATTLE CREEK was honored to be the opening act for
Nashville Artists
Confederate Railroad &
The Henningsens!
Very down-to-earth, nice folks, by the way...)
C   O   U   N   T   R   Y